Economy and jobs

Executive Audit


Audit the entire executive branch of the government, each department and office, for Finances, Operations, and Personnel to ensure it’s functioning according to the Constitution, within budget, and that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.


Small Businesses


I believe that family run small businesses in the state of West Virginia, organically grown businesses are actually our future. That’s just the way it’s going to work because first of all, organically grown means that they belong here; they’re a part of who we are. They already have a good cultural fit. They are already hiring local people. They belong to a family here that is invested in West Virginia and invested in running a good business.


Local businesses are part of the community, and you know them. You know the guy who runs the book store. You see him in the grocery store. And, if you know, you ordered a book from him two weeks ago and he never got back to you, and you gave him your money, you know and you run into him in the grocery store, you know, you get the idea, right? It’s easier to hold people accountable if they’re local. But also, they’re more committed to the local community, because that’s who we are. That’s how people function.


Effectively, what we need to do is we need to reduce regulation. We need to reduce fees. As a matter of fact, I would like to wipe out the fees. Completely take them away. Of course, that will require legislation. Take away the fees for setting up a business, for doing all the legal work and actually establishing a business.




I would like to get rid of the Business and Inventory Tax, which is an insane tax. The idea is that if you have things on your shelves, which you purchased, for which you paid sales tax when you purchased them, and which you’re going to charge sales tax for when you sell them, you still have to pay tax for them while they’re sitting on your shelf. That has to go away. It is crippling our economy. In addition to that, I just want to flat out lower the taxes across the board.


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First, WV has, almost since its beginning, been used by outside manufacturing and extraction industries to extract resources from our state, use our labor, and, then, when they’re done, they leave. I am convinced that the only sustainable method for growing our economy is for it to grow organically from within. I want our people starting businesses.


Our state government needs to function in such a way that the taxes, fees and regulations involved in running your own business are as little of an impediment to you the people. The government should be standing out of the way of West Virginians starting, running and maintaining your own business and growing it and taking over the world with it and leaving it to your grandkids who will be multi- “bazillionaires”.


I am not precluding outside investment or other businesses coming into the state from outside the state. What I’m saying is, “We can’t count on it.”  It can’t be our “go-to”. Our “go-to” has to be us. We the people.


Now, outside manufacturing coming in, yes, I’m all for it.  I want people coming in from the outside starting businesses.  I’d love to see just about everything you could imagine coming here. My concern is that I want to make sure our environment is protected. I don’t intend to destroy businesses with environmental regulations, but, you know, we need to not make a mess of the place where we live. The thing is that home-grown businesses are less likely to be an issue, based on my estimation, than our outside businesses who intend to come in, get what they want, and then leave. I mean, what is their motivation to not make a mess? But, for homegrown West Virginia businesses, this is our home.”


Fossil Fuels


Fossil fuels are a huge part of our past and I believe they’re going to be a huge part of our future.  Now, we have to diversify our economy, but we can build on the fossil fuels that we have. We can continue to dig coal and sell it, and we can continue to use it, and we can do it responsibly. As we draw the natural gas from the ground, we can do that responsibly, but the petroleum distillates that come up with it can be used to build entire new industries downstream.