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Sr. Counsel and Director for Global Outreach at HSLDA

Michael Donnelly

Marshall Wilson is an American Hero. He would have been a founding father if he were alive in 1776. I am supporting Marshall Wilson for Governor

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WV Citizen

Small Business Owner

Craig Allison

After extensive research, I know who I'm voting for, for the next Governor of the state of West Virginia ...

S Marshall Wilson


Ben is a nice guy but I don't think I can trust him to run the state. He hitched his ride to an administration here locally that is letting our city die with vagrants overrunning the city ... so what does that say for what he may do with the state? He's had some good ideas, but he has also made it clear in posts I've read, that when elected, he will shut it back down again faster than a virgin on prom night. As a multi-business owner, I can't even began to take a chance that, that will happen. He is a complete unknown on his stances.

Big Jim is about of an all-over-the-effing-ever-changing-map-cluster-eff if I've ever seen one. He's not a Republican. He's not a Democrat. He's not an Independent. He's an Opportunist. He changes his stance and is wishy-washy. Again, with him, the unknown is not something I can climb on board with.

Right now, WV can not afford any more taxes. We're being forced to test so Big Jim can get federal money for testing. We should be eliminating our massive gas tax.

S Marshall Wilson

is a Constitutionalist. He's for individual rights. If you want your child in school/playing sports. It's your right. Not the Governments. He's a very solid choice and a very sincere man. I urge each and every one of you to go out an meet him where/when you have a chance. You won't be sorry!Do yourself a favor and read up and research all candidates. Consider writing in

S Marshall Wilson

. I will be!


Greenbrier County, WV Citizen


"S. Marshall Wilson will live up to his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution against all enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. The others, not so much. One major party coddles the radical fringe. The other has declared itself the unconstitutional arbiter of your rights. S. Marshall Wilson is a true patriot. He has my confidence and my vote. Montani Semper Liberi!"


Army Veteran

Shawn Tyrie

I served with Marshall in the Army and only regret that I’m not a WV resident so I can vote for him. If elected he will be the most competent Governor in America.


Independent, Jackson County WV Citizen

Anthoney Riffe

Because, my vote is sacred to me, and I do not take the responsibility lightly. The decision I make, the candidate I choose to support, will have the power to alter the state in which my children, and grandchildren will grow old. It’s vital to my heart’s peace to know I cast my ballot for a candidate that shares my beliefs, who acts upon a set and determined moral compass. Who will uphold and defend the natural rights set forth in the Constitution. Our children will have to live with our choice and our decisions will be echoed through their generations. S. Marshall Wilson is a honorable man, Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, Pro-Constitution and most importantly Pro-Jesus! That’s a decision I’m able to make due to his willingness to serve. As if 20 years of dedication to our United States Army wasn’t enough, once again, Marshall has stepped forward... And I’ll proudly write-in S. Marshall Wilson.


WV Citizen

Small Business Owner

Katie T

For the seven years that I've known and been friends with Marshall, he's done nothing but humbly display his outstanding character and integrity. When it comes to the Constitution, he is passionate beyond belief. He never meets a stranger, and he consistently places other peoples' needs in front of his own. There is no mortal whom I trust more in the seat of Governor, or any elected office, than S. Marshall Wilson.


WV Citizen

Small Business Owner

Kaci B.

I met S Marshall Wilson during one of the worst moments of my life. My name is Kasandra Beckett and my family and I have a couple of small businesses in Jackson County. At the beginning of the shut down our Tanning salon was the first of our businesses deemed "Non-essential". Our other business is a convenience store with a drive-thru restaurant. During the lock down, business was very slow. The kitchen orders were so few that we didn't even need our cook, (although we did keep her on anyhow.) My daughter (who will be a senior in high school this year) was getting depressed from the lock-down and not being at school or being able to see her friends. After restrictions were lifted, our business slowly started to pick back up. The tanning salon, however, never picked back up at all because we were forced to shut down for the busiest part of the season. I felt so afraid for the future of our business. As everything else started to pick up for us, and we were eased out of the lock down, I started to feel more confident that everything would be okay. Then Tax day for Businesses rolled around. Even though the Governor promised that no price gouging during this time would be allowed to happen, the STATE raised the TAX cost to renew business license from $150 to $250. The County Health Department also raised the cost to renew county business license. Shortly after that the Governor and the health department started implementing more "restrictions" and "safety precautions that private businesses have to follow. The rules and restrictions to keep the doors open to a person's private business are so strict and stringent that no business could thrive or survive following these guide lines (which are based on the size of building and number of people allowed to be in that space.) To have any person in power that can dictate these "rules" to a person's private land is the very definition of the word Tyrannical. Then the health department inspector showed up at our business one day and "marked" us because I refused to wear a face mask. Now I was feeling a loss on all sides - a loss in our business, a loss of hope, and now a loss of CONSTITUTIONAL rights. I was angry. I was told about a "freedom rally" that was scheduled at the court house lawn. I gathered up the family and we went. That is how I met S. Marshall Wilson, this incredible man who has done such wonderful things with his life. A man who served our nation in a time of war. A man who has put so much dedication into his state with the work he has done as a Delegate. The words he spoke to the audience that day struck so deep. He restored my hope for the future and for the Republic. Between the research I did on him, the words he spoke, and the life he has lead, I know that he means every word he said. If there was ever a person I would would need to have my back, this is that man. Thank you so much for your service and your wife's service. If there is ever anything me or my family can do for you, we will. I will stand by you so you can stand by all of us. 


Director for West Virginians for Health Freedom

Chanda Saucerman-Adkins

I have endorsed S Marshall Wilson for write in candidate for Governor. So many ask me as a former republican delegate who I am supporting. I cannot support a  Governor who wants the highest vaccination rates in the country. High vaccination rates do not equate great health, they do equate great reimbursement from the federal government. I am for people not profit. I am a health freedom advocate who suffered a vaccine injury. Marshall and I served together as republicans in the legislature. We are both pro-gun, pro-life, pro-freedom, AND pro-constitution- WRITE IN - candidate for a Governor.

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The WV Health Freedom Political Action Committee (WVHF PAC) is pleased to announce the endorsement of House of Delegates member and write-in candidate for Governor of West Virginia S. Marshall Wilson.


S. Marshall Wilson has supported legislation that would reinforce the rights of West Virginians to make health care decisions for themselves. We commend Delegate Wilson’s prior work and current support for patients’ rights to self-determination and to refuse medical procedures based on medical contraindications, family history, and philosophical or religious beliefs.


West Virginia politicians and bureaucrats fail to acknowledge, recognize, and protect our most vulnerable,” said Dr. Holly Garrison, President of the WVHF PAC. WVHF PAC believes that mandates requiring medical procedures for work, K-12 school, college or technical schools, or other agendas violate the federal and state constitutions, international human rights policies, and personal or religious freedoms. West Virginians should be given full informed consent regarding any medical procedures and the inalienable right to choose among treatment options. It is our highest priority to see that West Virginians’ rights are restored and protected now and for generations to come.


WV Citizen

Butch S.

I am a conservative Independent and a Veteran. I'm thrilled at what you have said you stand for, and having a fellow Independent giving our citizens a choice (besides the two other candidates) and a voice!!


Berkeley County, WV Citizen

T. Wallech

I will be voting for S. Marshall Wilson because he strongly cares about Family, and Freedom and those are the 2 most important F words in my vocabulary.


Independent, Kanawha County WV Citizen

Catherine M.

S. Marshall Wilson is the best man for the job of governor. He is highly qualified and most importantly, as a delegate, he has proven to the people of his district that he is a man of principle. I have been an avid follower of the WV Legislature since 2013 and have witnessed first-hand how dedicated he is to upholding and defending our Constitution.


Fayette County, WV Citizen


I Support S Marshall Wilson for governor of WV because he has no hidden agenda. He supports our constitution and wants our great state to stay free, Free from government overreach. I also support his conservative views on policies.


WV Citizen

Kathy W.

I met S. Marshall Wilson for the first time in Ripley at the rally at the courthouse. Nice man that has a huge desire to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Mr. Wilson wants to make changes that would put "We the People" first.  He invited me to go with him and the team that supports him, to dinner afterwards, so we could get to know him better. I back S. Marshall Wilson for Governor of West Virginia for a positive change!!!