How Do I Vote For a Write-In Candidate?
We can assure you that S. Marshall Wilson is an official write-in candidate, registered with the WV Secretary of State’s Office.  You may view the list in its entirety here: 


First, all official write-in candidates are legally required to be posted at the polling place. If you do not see a list, you may ask for it; however, there does not have to be a list posted in order for you to be able to write-in a candidate. You can still follow the process listed below to write-in S. Marshall Wilson and the vote should legally be counted.*


To begin the voting process, a poll worker will activate your ballot by inserting the personal electronic ballot into the appropriate slot. You’ll then be allowed to cast your ballot in privacy.


After familiarizing yourself with the instructions, press the view ballot prompt. You will then make selections for each candidate and/or issue for which you intend to cast a vote. 


To make a choice, touch the name or issue. Your selections will be highlighted in bold and a green check mark will appear. You may change your selections at any time during the voting process. Once you have completed a page, press the “next” button to proceed. At any time, you may touch the “back” button to return to a previous page.


To cast a vote for a write-in candidate, touch the “write-in” option and a keyboard will appear on the screen. Use the keyboard to type in the name of a candidate for whom you would like to cast a vote. Once you have entered the name, press “accept”, and the name of your write-in selection will appear on your ballot.


Continue making and changing selections until you complete the ballot. After you have completed the last page, press the “review” button. Carefully review your selections. S. Marshall Wilson should be listed under Governor.  


To change a selection, touch the box next to a candidate or issue and reselect the proper choice. Then, hit the “review” button again to return to the summary screen.


After you are satisfied with all of your selections, to cast your ballot, press the flashing red “vote” button at the top of the machine, or the large green check mark. You will then be asked to confirm your ballot one last time. A “thank you for voting” message will now appear on your screen. This means that you have properly cast your ballot.


Link to You Tube video:

Link to WV SOS Candidates and Voters Guide to Write-in - Filing and Voting Procedures 

We have already received reports that polling places are not properly posting the official write-in candidates, if you observe this, click here for information on how to report it as it is voter fraud.