Wilson Calls Out Hypocrisy of WV GOP

October 20, 2020


Charleston, WV - Gubernatorial Candidate S. Marshall Wilson calls out the hypocrisy of the WV GOP for their statement on July 21, 2016 that “Jim Justice would be the worst thing to happen to WV and would destroy our progress. He’s terrible.” 


Wilson notes that, since that date, Jim Justice switched to the Republican party immediately after being elected and then received the WV GOP’s support.  


“Because the Party leadership endorsed Justice, you now have him as your candidate.

Since the primary, Justice has destroyed businesses and lives with his unconstitutional dictates thereby alienating vast swaths of his base.


A pseudo-Republican is actually immensely worse than a declared Democrat because the Republican Party now owns Justice’s every word and action.

In addition to that, the Republican Caucus will resist a Democrat intensely, but will kowtow to a pseudo-Republican resulting in a greater destruction of all that Republicans claim to hold dear, with the added travesty of assisting the “Republican” Governor to accomplish this destruction. The People are disgusted with the Parties.”

Gubernatorial Candidate S. Marshall Wilson Proposes Pay Increase for Public Employees

October 20, 2020


Charleston, WV - S. Marshall Wilson, Independent candidate for Governor and current House of Delegates member, is guided by Constitutional principles in his rationale for how to provide a pay increase for public employees.  


“We need to have a 10 percent raise immediately for all Public Employees, and where that money needs to come from is not your pocketbooks as taxpayers, but rather, from the bloated administrations that our departments have. Specifically, the Department of Education and various other Departments in the Executive Branch. We need to audit each one of them for Operations, for Personnel, and for budget; and we need to cut the fat and we need to put that money directly into the classroom, specifically into the Teacher’s paychecks.”


In addition, Wilson recognizes that teachers are professionals who need to be paid as such.  “We need to have excellent teachers who know their subjects well, know how to manage their classrooms, and we need to let them do it.  We also need to pay them because they are professionals."  

You may learn more about Wilson’s candidacy at www.marshallforwv.com

Gubernatorial Candidate S. Marshall Wilson Responds to “Am I Throwing My Vote Away?”

October 18, 2020 

Charleston, WV - As Independent Gubernatorial Candidate, and current House of Delegates member, S. Marshall Willson tours the 55 West Virginia counties, he is often asked “Am I throwing my vote away?” in regards to casting a vote for a third-party candidate. Below is Mr. Wilson’s response:  

“A Salango win is a loss for the people of West Virginia because he is a Leftist Statist who intends to use the Office of Governor to impose government control over your families and businesses to ensure a Leftist Utopia for your grandchildren.

A Justice win is a loss for the people of West Virginia because he is an opportunistic authoritarian who has used the Office of Governor to impose his control over your families and businesses merely to compel you to comply with his whims.

The primary difference from a strategic perspective is that your Republican-led Legislature will defeat Salango's Leftist initiatives merely because he is the *other* guy; on the other hand, as they have demonstrated clearly through the COVID response, they will kowtow to Justice's usurpations merely because he is a nominal member of the same club as they. Justice has no ideology which might constrain him to behave in a logical or predictable pattern with which you might agree or disagree; he merely wants power. He is a naked tyrant and will only impose his whimsical tyrannies more tyrannically and whimsically in a second term with the Republican-led Legislature's support.

Where can an honest, Patriotic West Virginian go for a dedicated Constitutional applicant for the Office of Governor? See the link below.

Allow me to rectify some of your misgivings.

I did not leave the WVGOP to run for office. I left the WVGOP because I could no longer allow my name to be associated with the unethical behaviors of the WVGOP leadership. Among those unethical behaviors was the immediate endorsement of Justice by the WVGOP Chair *prior* to the Primary election.

I am running for Governor because the candidates foisted upon you by the major parties are utterly unworthy of my vote... or yours.

There is no Primary for Independents.

I was required by WV Code (Law) to gather ~7,200 signatures to have my name placed on the ballot for the election. Our team gathered 5,700 after Justice imposed his illegal edicts against leaving home, gatherings, or standing within six feet of other people (Do you know how hard it is to have someone sign a petition from more than six feet away?). Keep in mind also that he unilaterally moved the date of the Primary and so deprived us of a month of signature-gathering time. Due to the illegal edicts and mandates, we failed to gather sufficient signatures, but we built a massive statewide network of campaign volunteers who refused to surrender. That network initiated the current write-in campaign and has grown to over 4,500 members... volunteers rather than simply voters.

We are drawing massive numbers of Patriotic Democrats as well as Republicans who are utterly disappointed in the poor candidates that their parties have foisted upon them.

Don't discount the fact that a quarter of registered West Virginia voters are Independent or unaffiliated.

What is the logical and honorable response to the current situation?

Is it to bestow your sacred vote on either of the two evils foisted upon you by your political parties - even if it is the evil you judge to be the lesser?


Is it to stand fast and build in West Virginia a bastion of Liberty where your children may raise their children in a free, just, prosperous, and secure land?

The vote is already split. Enough Constitutional voters refuse to vote for Justice that the election will not fall his way.

If your fear is that the *other* party's terrible candidate will win over your party's terrible candidate, perhaps you are trying to solve the wrong problem. The*right* problem is: "Which candidate will uphold and defend my children's Natural Rights under the Constitution?" Again, the answer is available at the link below. Once you know the answer, your duty is clear - to ensure a victory for that candidate in order to ensure your children's future.

Hire S. Marshall Wilson to serve as your Governor to faithfully execute the Supreme Law of the land.”

Learn more about Mr. Wilson’s candidacy at www.marshallforwv.com.

Gubernatorial Candidate S. Marshall Wilson Takes Strong Stand Against Tyranny

October 16, 2020


Charleston, WV -  Running as an Independent write-in candidate is an uphill battle; however, S. Marshall Wilson makes clear what his intentions are, and they are to win. Today, and every day, he takes a strong stand against tyranny. 


“I am the only Gubernatorial candidate who seems to understand the Constitutional ramifications and where we’re headed. Not only that but I have a master’s degree in National Security from the Institute of World Politics. My studies were focused on how free societies devolve into totalitarianism and I’m telling you it’s happening to you right now. It’s being done to you right now - your free society is devolving into a tyranny.

I know how to stop it. I know the strategic points at which to dismantle their system and how to turn us around and turn us back into a free society and it begins - it begins with forcing the executive branch of the government to function according to the Constitution. It begins with Constitutional governance. We must re-establish Constitutional governance, or we will never be free, and our grandchildren will be slaves.”

You may learn more about Wilson’s candidacy at www.marshallforwv.com

Independent Gubernatorial Candidate S. Marshall Wilson States Election Between Himself and Democratic Candidate Ben Salango

October 19, 2020


Charleston, WV - Today, Independent Candidate for Governor S. Marshall Wilson issued the following statement regarding the Incumbent Republican Governor Jim Justice and the upcoming gubernatorial election on November 3rd.


“I’ve already beaten Justice. The question now is, “Will you allow your vote for Justice to prevent us from succeeding and allow the Democrat to take office? The contest is between me and the Democrat. A vote for Justice will result in a Democrat’s win.”


Last week, Mr. Wilson staged his own debate live on Facebook while the West Virginia Broadcasters Association hosted only candidates from the two main parties. You may watch Mr. Wilson’s debate response and learn more about his candidacy at www.marshallforwv.com.