As a combat veteran retired US Army Infantry Officer with 20 years of military service, I know what it is to achieve critical objectives at great cost and to live a life of dedicated service. West Virginians need a principled, service-oriented, combat-ready governor to take charge of the government, to subdue it to the Constitution, and dedicate it to serve each Mountaineer.


My intent as your Governor is to ensure that my children can raise their children in a free, just, prosperous, and secure land. Success in that intent will ensure that opportunity to your children as well. I need your help to make that happen because You, the People, hold all the power in West Virginia. According to the WV Constitution paragraph 2-2, “The powers of government reside in all the citizens of the state, and can be rightfully exercised only in accordance with their will and appointment.”

I know economic despair. I lived for two years in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle among some of the most economically depressed people in the world and returned to the United States as the single father of nine children. I understand the governmental systems that impede economic growth, and I can see the strategic points at which those impediments can be removed. In removing those impediments, we will allow innovating West Virginians to start and grow businesses which will offer economic opportunity to other West Virginians. This is the first step in our rise to economic freedom and prosperity.

We, the People, are the solution. Government exists only to uphold our Natural Rights while we make it happen.


If you are at a polling location and they state that the WV Secretary of State office did not provide a list of Gubernatorial candidates, click here to show them the official write-in document.

I will stand and fight as long as I live, but I cannot do it without the support of West Virginia Citizens. Once elected as Governor of West Virginia, I will SERVE you as a CHAMPION for your Natural Rights and individual Liberty.
Go to the polls on Tuesday November 3rd and
WRITE IN S. Marshall Wilson for Governor of West Virginia! 
I will stand with you to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC!
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