Reporting Questionable or Illegal Activity at a Polling Place


We can assure you that S. Marshall Wilson is an official write-in candidate, registered with the WV Secretary of State’s Office.  You may view the list in its entirety here:  


All official write-in candidates are legally required to be posted at the polling place. If you do not see a list, you may ask for it; however, there does not have to be a list posted in order for you to be able to write-in a candidate. You can still follow the process identified on the How to write-in S. Marshall Wilson page and the vote should legally be counted.


If you need to report suspicious polling place activity, you may do so by calling their office at 1-877-FRAUD-WV.  

Additionally, we request that you click here to email and notify the Marshall for WV Campaign Team

Reports to Our Campaign

October 27, 2020 - There has been a report that a polling place has a posted sign stating “There are no certified write-ins for this election.” This is inaccurate and has been reported to the Investigations Unit at the Secretary of State’s Office.  

Link to WV SOS Candidates and Voters Guide to Write-in - Filing and Voting Procedures